Achilles tears

The Achilles tendon is the only tendon that connects the calf push-off muscles to the heel bone. Achilles tears can lead to significantly weakness and disability if not treated promptly.

Ankle instability/sprains

Ankle sprains that occur repeatedly can weaken the ligaments on the outside of the ankle. In these cases, the ankle cartilage may also be damaged. Repair or reconstruction of the ligaments restores ankle stability.

Cartilage preservation

The ankle joint cartilage may contain potholes which can be filled by the patient’s own or donor cartilage.

Metatarsal fractures

The 5th metatarsal fracture is the most commonly injured metatarsal. It is the tubular bone on the outside of the foot. Treatment can include a splint, boot or surgery depending on the activity level of the patient and the extent of the fracture.

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