Dr. Guillem Gonzalez-Lomas


Dr. Guillem Gonzalez-Lomas

Dr. Guillem Gonzalez-Lomas is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine.  He is currently an Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at NYU – Hospital for Joint Diseases.  Dr. Lomas graduated from Yale University with a B.Sc. degree in Biomedical Engineering. He later trained at Columbia University and at the famed Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles.

Sports injuries have always been a part of Dr. Lomas’s life.  He has treated them, he has succumbed to them and he has done everything in his power to overcome them.  His past personal experiences and his fervent desire to get his patients better in the safest, most reliable way have shaped his practice.  It is state-of-the-art, evidence-based and meticulous.

Dr. Lomas is extremely active in the sports medicine world.  He lectures internationally on sports injuries and has instructed and directed multiple courses on cartilage preservation, hip, hockey and fighting injuries.

He is a New York State Athletic Commission Ringside Physician and a USA Wrestling team physician and has covered multiple boxing, mixed martial arts, wrestling, UFC events and World Championships in those capacities. An avid hockey player, he is also the head team physician for the New York Riveters NWHL professional women’s ice hockey team.

In addition to experiencing tremendous satisfaction and fulfillment from teaching residents and fellows at NYU, Dr. Lomas hosts The Sports Medicine show on Sirius XM Doctor Radio, where he and his co-hosts discuss the latest trends in the world of sports medicine and attempt to clarify fad from fact.

Ultimately, Dr. Lomas’s guiding principle is to treat every patient as if they were his mother, father, sister, brother or child.  He is sympathetic, earnest and works tirelessly to ensure that his patients obtain optimal outcomes.

Team Coverage


New York Riveters 

Dr. Lomas is the head team physician for the New York Riveters professional women’s ice hockey team. The Riveters are one of the four original founding members of the National Women’s Hockey League.  As women’s hockey becomes more popular at every level, Dr. Lomas and his staff seek to establish injury prevention guidelines and management geared towards female athlete unique characteristics.  He is excited to support the Riveters this year on their quest to the Isobel Cup! 


Ringside Medicine  

Dr. Lomas is a New York State Athletic Commission sanctioned, ringside physician. He provides ringside medical management at boxing and mixed martial arts competitions. He has covered major boxing and UFC events throughout New York State including at Madison Square Garden and the Barclay’s Center. He has a special interest in taking care of these athletes given the incredibly challenging nature of their sport. He is working on research to shed light on injury risk and recovery in male and female fighters.


Collegiate Sports 

Dr. Lomas is the team orthopaedic surgeon for New Jersey City University in Jersey City, NJ. He is also a consultant orthopaedic surgeon for Long Island University and NYU. 


Doctor Radio 

Dr. Lomas cohosts the Sports Medicine Show on Sirius XM Channel 110 with Dr. Dennis Cardone and Dr. Joe Bosco.  In his idiosyncratic but always scientifically sound and respectful way, he interviews top athletes, researchers and authors to mine them for their perspective on sports-related health, injury prevention and treatment.  You can listen to him every Thursday morning from 6-8am.  One hour of each show is spent answering caller questions. Don’t be shy, call in! 


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